My art


Sad, difficult emotions

when written into poetry seem to become entities of beauty through the words, paintings

that begin with lines of traumas become objects of beauty through colour, shape and the love they receive. And so with other forms of artistic expression. It’s an ongoing exploration – an adventure, freedom.


How does my art evolve? The inspirational part – the start – has the freedom and carries the potential within it…the canvas is mine. Once I choose the image, I am making a commitment which I can change any time – and indeed some paintings go through many transformations.


A challenging place is when I have something good going on but I decide to move on anyway or decide to eliminate parts. When it feels like I am at a crossroads. Though these places are hard, they are satisfying. I need to be challenged in everything I do – if something feels too familiar I won’t be satisfied.


I never made a conscious choice of ‘I want to paint or make music….or write poetry’, or ‘I want to be an artist’. I am just being myself – I never saw it any other way. This is what I do.