Joy Adventure

My book

was inspired by the American-Indian ritual

where you go into the wilderness for 3 days – the ‘Vision Quest’. All I had with me was a pen and some paper, a bottle of water and cigarettes. On the second day – after experiencing and facing my fears – this story started streaming down onto the paper…so that’s where the book was born. Thereafter – on my journeys to Mexico – it was stolen, along with my tent and all my belongings. I re-wrote it and I’m in the process of editing it currently. ‘Joy Adventure’ is about travel, music, art, healing….magic.

Extract one

“Harry was eyeing Jinni with his piercing look, dressed with mischief while she in return felt both the expansion and melting of her heart.

He began singing:Your petals are opening

To the bee that I am

my ribs like rubber expand. 

Your scent tickling sins

Raises hairs on my skin

In a shiver of recognition

My feet are like butterflies

wings like songs fluttering

I open my mind to the seeds

Of thoughts within

while my inner waterfall spills

I begin to fill

With the unknown as familiar

making it real 

Harry and Jinni had been travelling together for 5 years now. 


Harry, a tall slim young man just turned 30, his head covered with dirty blond hair flowing down till reaching his middle back. He often brushed his  hair  away from his eyes , especially when it was windy and then tied it back in a pony tail. He was quite an unpredictable kind of person with heightened senses and psychic powers he was not aware of for many years of his life. Once he became aware of his powers it took him some years to adjust, understand, choreograph and use these gifts for the betterment of all. . Along his path he met people who were gifted with heightened awareness and were able to help him with the development of his latent talents in shamanic transformation and shape shifting. He went through some personal suffering, confusion and malfunctioning of the soul before he arrived where he was today. Due to his shape shifting qualities and practices he would some days appear to look shorter, or his head would sometimes seem big or sometimes small.  His physical body emulated closely the energies governing his soul.

In this particular morning when Jinni looked at him he seems very tall with a bright sparkle in his heart area.  She could tell he felt good in Esmeralda’s house and knew that this was to be an important meeting on both his and Jinni’s journey.”

Extract two

Liam and Wilderness were laying on their backs looking onto the sky. The clouds were gently passing by. Wilderness was seeing animal faces in the clouded sky. Liam saw geometrical patterns, he would squeeze her hand every so often, she did not know why, and never asked. They had not fought for a few days, this was good she thought, although she knew that these fights were part of their relationship. Liam’s lips were still pulsating when he kissed her lips.  Soft and warm her velvet skin against his naked body on the soft earth beneath them.

Extract three

Jinni simply saw no barriers, everything was open, that was the way she was and did not feel she was doing anything special. There were no calculations to her actions, she was guided in everything she did, and reached people in those intimate places  within themselves where even they could not reach .

Esmeralda was overjoyed. She truly cared for the folks she visited here and this wasabi so unexpected. They all sat there for a long while not saying much, just being.

Frida got up gently and began rubbing Jinni’s back. she said nothing, and Jinni started singing: 

“Where it is summer all the time

I have much space and I can run in the sun                                   

Take me to a place

Where people are dancing

Where I flow like a river

Where life is a giver

Where there is understanding

I love to dance in the sun

I love to run”

They both began dancing again and this time Frida who had just accessed parts of herself long lost yet now retrieved was leading some of the dance. 

They all knew they had opened that source of creative flow within her, it was wonderful to see.

Esmeralda got up and joined them and so did Harry.

Extract four

At this point, Sha was not sure he would ever want to leave this place, it was his first time here. Ja on the other hand knew this place and often went to visit the little people. Colours and forms would appear and disappear in front of your eyes, there were a few rivers, one of them was pink with bright green fish in it Ja loved that one for some reason it made him laugh. There were a lot of gifted spirit doctors within this tribe of people. They knew how to maneuver energy and their hearts were pure. They were endowed with extra senses of perception and could even heal the ones that they could not see with their naked eye, but could feel from their extra sensory perception .. Once when Ja had visited and his leg broke, he called these healers in with his thoughts and his leg was healed within just a week, something that would have otherwise takes 8 weeks at least.

The little spirit doctors were busy with maintaining their own everyday lives but incorporated into their everyday activities time set aside for sending healing energies to anyone or anything that needed it within the existing universe. Bells were part of the atmosphere, their sound came and went seeming random, which they weren’t at all. Apparently, these particular sounds were based on mathematical equations that were used in their exploration of the universes within the sciences They all thrived in happy families and perhaps this was one of their specialties.

They soon entered another world where logic and information were not the ultimate truth. As they were making their way in the field the flowers began turning orange, and one of the flowers turned into a butterfly, flew away, came back with another butterfly and turned back into a flower.

Ja loved this journey, it was exciting, full of endless surprises, colourful scenery, and expanding perceptions of multiverse universes.

The flowers were getting smaller and turning orange. There were a few paved dirt roads in the field and Sha preferred them sometimes, while Ja always chose to walk amongst the flowers.

The orange flowers were making sounds, all sorts, some frightening, some enchanting some comical, some sharp, some rounded, some shrieking, some contained and soothing

Ja tied his bells around his ankles, making his walk into a musical instrument. And he liked participating in music making. Sha was listening intently to decipher which notes on the scale were being expressed and though his knowledge of music was vast, some of them he did not recognise and could not pin them down to a particular note. They were of another sort.

They were quite different in their inner journey. Ja was out to enjoy everything while Sha was out to investigate and understand. Tz tz   tz uk ik ik tg ttgh ee ee eeeeee were only some of the sounds heard – this was very interesting for both.

Current Projects

Poetry book coming out soon – Autumn 2023.

I am currently studying a Masters in Music and Sonic Media at Sussex University.